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Fluid Edge Themes

Our Mission

We want everyone to remotely immerse themselves anywhere on earth. With that vision, we are creating intuitive and easy-to-use tools to capture, share, perceive and interact with the reconstructed environment.

Our Story

We are a technology spin-off from the Chair of Astronautics at the Technical University of Munich. With financial backing from the EXIST Research Transfer Program, we started our journey improving the way remotely controlled semi-autonomous drones are used in search and rescue operations.

Currently, we are focusing on bringing this technology to everyone. To achieve this, we work with modern technologies such as drones, LiDAR sensors, 3D reconstruction methods, and artificial intelligence.


Nicolas Zunhammer

CTO & Co-founder

Maximilian Prexl

CEO & Co-founder

Rafael Kückelhaus

CMO & Co-founder

Lisien Semanjaku

Lead Software Engineer


Dr.-Ing. Lars Hoffmann

Prof. Ulrich Walter

Supporters & Partners

Chair of Astronautics

Team Sicherheitsforschung


Master Accelerator