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Capture. Share. Be Anywhere! We provide an affordable and user-friendly toolchain to create, process and distribute dynamic reality captures Capture the world in 3D
Explore the world in 3D


Create your reality capture videos with the DromniScan App.


Upload your captures to the Dromniverse Cloud and we will handle the 3D reconstruction processing in real-time.


View, share and interact with your reality captures using the Dromniverse App or with the Unity Plugin.

Reality Capture Video

A dynamic reality capture adds time and audio to the capturing. Our algorithms will process the static environment separately from the moving objects within the scene. The result is a unique immersive experience, capturing not only people but the whole environment as well.  .


A 3D scan captures everything in the environment as a static object. This is useful to capture spaces and objects.

User-friendly and Intuitive

We focus on simple, intuitive and personal solutions for everyone. Our products are user-friendly and designed for people who don't have a professional background in Reality Capture.

Cloud-based Solution

We take care of the creation of reality captures in real-time. No technical background or powerful hardware is required, and the content is always accessible to the user whenever it is wanted.

High Data Protection

We have strong privacy guidelines to protect your private content. We use state-of-the-art encryption technology and host your data in Germany, a country with one of the highest data protection standards.

Universal Access

To ensure the highest outreach, we enable sharing creations over different platforms or VR headset devices. By using our Unity plugin, creators are encouraged to direct stream their content also on metaverse platforms.


Content Creator

Bring real-world 3D content to the metaverse.

VR Users

Check out stunning captures in VR.

3D Artists

Get started with our Unity Plugin (coming soon).