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Drone-enabled Omnipresence Be everywhere you want to be ...

Your Tool to Control your Drone from Everywhere

Get the most innovative tool to control your drone from anywhere on the earth. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. Our All-in-One system can give you control of the situation at any place, where the drone is located independent of the chosen communication channel.

No on-site pilot required

With the DROMNI teleoperation technology it is not required to have a pilot on-site. You can place your drone or robot system at everyplace and start your mission.

Worldwide accessibility

Due to our advanced teleoperation software it is possible to use various communication systems which guarantees global access.

Intuitive and easy to control

With innovative input systems and the usage of state-of-the-art game engines the user can easily control the robotic system.

Increased Situation Awareness

With the innovative augmented virtual reality environment the user feels like being on the side of the drone!

Slide “This is the next step [for drone applications]!
We need that!„
Michael Drätzl, Drone comissary civil protection, LK Eichstätt, Germany
Slide “We have to stay tuned to that, it really supports the
handling of rescue operations!„
Uwe Kippnich, Security Research Coordinator, Bavarian Red Cross, Germany
Slide “Having an eye on the outside of the operation site
is optimal!„
Manfred Danner, District Fire Officer of Freising, Germany


Fire Fighters

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Nicolas Zunhammer

CTO & Co-founder

Maximilian Prexl

CEO & Co-founder

Rafael Kückelhaus

CMO & Co-founder

Lisien Semanjaku

Lead Software Engineer

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